Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Flag Cake

Made this patriotic cake for my super-duper cute goddaughter's baptism. I know, not the usual cake for a baptism, but it seemed kind of fitting being it was the day before the fourth of July. I had intentions of decorating the outside cuter but was frightened with the thought of it getting ruined in the heat and drive to the cabin. Caught everyone by surprise though when the first piece was cut!

And I was dying to try this design after I saw it pinterest (my new obsession!) And being the impatient person that I am, I just couldn't keep this one on the back burner until next year!

And here is the trick to all of the madness. Make a double batch of your favorite white cake recipe. Color the first batch red and divide it into two cake pans. With the second batch and divide it in half. Leave one half white and color the second half blue. When completed you will have two red cakes, one white, and one blue.

After they have cooled. Using a serrated knife or cake leveler, cut the two red cakes and one white horizontally in half. On your cake plate, start by place one of the red halves. Spread the top with a little bit of white filling. Then place one of the white layers on top and spread the top with white filling. And finally, put the red layer on top and spread with filling.

Now for the fun and clever part! Take the blue layer and cut a circle in the middle. I used a ten inch cake pan and cut a six inch circle in the middle. Works well to use a bowl or cake pan as a template. You can now indulge and eat the blue six inch circle if you wish!! Then take the remaining white layer and one of the red layers and stack them together. Using the same bowl or cake pan template, cut circles in the red and white layers. And again you can indulge in the outside rings of red and white cake!

And for the final assembly steps! Place the blue outside ring on top. Put the white circle in the middle first. Top with filling and then place the red circle on top! I highly suggest doing a crumb coat! And then frost and decorate as desired!!