Friday, July 16, 2010

Frosted "4th" Treats

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What can I say? Working holidays is no fun! So... I decided to try to bring a little holiday spirit to the "office" over the 4th of July. I have never met a nurse who didn't like a sweet, tasty treat... Yes, the pics are just being posted... I was having some technical difficulties. I tried two new recipes. Both were very well received by my coworkers who thought I was crazy to have worked a 12 hour shift and then baked not one, but two new cupcakes. To, them... yes, I am crazy. But I love to bake and when the urge hits, I go all out. Watch out come Christmas time.

So, first I made some from a recipe on Red Velvet Cupcake with Cream Cheese Frosting.

I have never had red velvet anything before but have always heard good things about it. Jess will tell you her and her siblings all requested it as the birthday cake that their mom prepared on their special day. So I gave it a go. The thought of the dark red cake was a little creepy it me but I had heard some great things about red velvet and liked how festive it would be on the 4th. They were really easy to make and I think I had just about all the ingredients in may pantry already...what could be better?!?! My husband loved them!!! He thought I was crazy since I decided that they "weren't my favorite". I feared that I had messed up the recipe somehow but velvet cake lovers out there assured me that it tasted just as it was supposed to. I guess I just met a cake I didn't like...never saw that coming. The frosting on the other hand....yum! Who doesn't love some good cream cheese frosting. There was some leftover and I will tell you that it was quite delicious on the strawberries I had in my fridge. One of my fellow coworkers went gaga for it and was ready for me to bring in the leftover for her to eat. We talked about spreading it on banana bread but she probably would have just eaten it with a spoon. Yes, it was that good.

Ok, so cupcake number 2. Vanilla cupcakes with buttercream frosting. Yum! Have you ever known that a recipe was going to be good just because the dough/batter tasted so good? This is a prime example. The finished product was soooo tasty. I can't wait to use the recipe for my nephew's birthday cake this next week. To make it festive, I divided the batter into three bowls. I added blue and red food coloring to two of the bowls. Then I just placed the batter in the muffin cups in any old way I desired . The cupcakes were beautiful.... the colors vibrant. Each one unique and delicious!!!! And so easy to change up for any holiday.

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