Sunday, July 11, 2010

How it all began...

Michele, Anne, and I are all nurses on a medical/surgical/oncology floor at a hospital in the Twin Cities. A few weeks ago the three of us attended a meeting regarding our union contract and possible strike. After the meeting we were all extremely frustrated with the situation and started talking about how we wish we had a hobby that was our passion and could be made into career. Somehow we got onto the track of baking and within minutes this snow-balled into cake decorating classes and opening a bakery! Ever since then the three of us have been searching the internet for recipes, checking out cookbooks at the library, and baking like crazy! Our family, friends, and co-workers are sure loving this bakery idea because they get to be the lucky ones to taste test all of our baking creations! We are hoping this will be our Sweet Escape from nursing!

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