Monday, February 14, 2011

Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie

Since starting our obsessive baking shinanigans Michele and I have brought so so many treats into work. Lord knows I have very, very poor self-control and would eat all of them if they stayed in my house. So rather we share them with our co-workers. And many times these sweets are what get all of us through the chaotic days at the hospital. A little sugar does wonders!

Two of our co-workers have deemed themselves as our "official taste testers." We have hired them on under one circumstance, they don't expect to be added onto the payroll. Rather, the sweets are their form of payment! Its a win-win situation! We get some much needed feedback on our recipes and they get some yummy sweets!

Well yesterday was one our taste testers birthday. Sounds like a requirement for a little baking. It needed to be something fairly easy being that I would be making it the morning after working a full weekend of night shifts. And the chocolate chip cookie pie recipe fit just that criteria. And man was it good! Our official taste testers voted for this one to be a keeper!

Pretty sure I would be totally fine eating it in this form. Baking really isn't necessary is it?

Nice and golden brown! Don't let the crunchy outer shell fool you with what is inside...

Ooey gooey chocolate chip goodness! When I brought it into work it had only been cooling for a little over an hour, meaning it was still warm and super ooey-gooey! Almost looked as though I had undercooked it. It was definitely good this way, but I would recommend refrigerating it for a couple of hours before serving. This way it won't come out of the pie pan and land on the plate in a clump. Presentation does matter.

Source: Our Best Bites

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  1. Oh my...that looks fantastic...the melting chocolate...what is better than that? Uhhh...nothing!

  2. OMG that looks incredible!!!

  3. I've got this on my list of things to make!Yours looks fantastic!

  4. this is a favorite in our house! i never knew anyone else who made is so good, isn't it?! thank you for sharing with tuesday night supper club.

  5. Mmmm, this looks amazing.

    Thanks for linking up with Sweet Tooth Friday!

  6. This looks delish!!! Reminds me of derby pie!! Yummm!!!

  7. Looks fantastic! I'm your newest follower and a fellow food blogger. Stop in for a visit sometime :)

  8. I made this. its the best pie EVER