Monday, March 28, 2011

Clone of a Cinnabon

I love recipe searching on due to the tons of user comments and reviews and their many "top 20" lists. Out of their thousands and thousands of recipes, the recipe for these cinnamon rolls fell in the number six slot of their overall top 20 list. And still had five stars after over 4,000 user reviews! I was nearly heartbroken when I discovered that the dough had to be made in a breadmaker (which I do not own, yet.) So instead I sat and drooled over the recipe for weeks until I finally got my hands on my mom's breadmaker! Little does she know that she probably will never have this back in her kitchen! It has become mine now!

Of course I had to work night shift this weekend and was super bummed that I wouldn't have time to make these for Zach and I's Sunday morning breakfast tradition. Luckily he caught on to my hint and earned himself husband of the year award by already having the dough in the breadmaker when I woke up Sunday afternoon. Made my day, week, and possibly even month!

These cinnamon rolls taste exactly like Cinnabon! They are spot on!

For some reason I always assumed the middle layer was white sugar and cinnamon. Boy was I fooled. Brown sugar and cinnamon is definitely where it is at! And of course it is necessary to have an extra, extra thick layer!

And then there is the cream cheese frosting! This recipe makes a fairly large amount and so the rolls were very, very well covered! Just the way I like it! No such think as too much frosting!

I wasn't kidding when I said they were covered in frosting!

Are you surprised? And yes I did scrape off and eat of all of that extra cinnamon-y goodness.

You can find this insanely delicious recipe at You need to make these now! I already can't wait to make 'em again!


  1. YUM!

    Ok -- must figure out how to make these without a breadmaker.

  2. I don't have a breadmaker either. :'(
    Is there any way to make these without one?

  3. I made this a few weeks ago, they are so good! I used the bread machine but you can make them without one too!

  4. What a fantastic cinnamon bun recipe! Thanks for sharing! Now following and hope you stop by my blog too someday. I have a great Friday and Saturday (weekend) blog hop going on if you'd like to share this with my readers as well. Thanks again!

  5. Yum... I MUST try these!! I'm your newest follower... hope you'll stop by my blog soon too :)