Sunday, March 20, 2011

First Attempt at Royal Icing

Michele and I have been saying for many, many months that we have wanted to try decorating cookies with royal icing. And after our recent struggles with fondant we decided it was time to take a little break from fondant and try something new. We had a cupcake order for a bridal shower this weekend and rather than making fondant decorations we decided to top the cupcakes with a simple heart cut-out cookie with royal icing.

First of all, the taste of these little cookies is out of this world. They remind me of the store bought animal crackers with pink icing. And best of all, they are soft and fluffy! Like little cookie pillows.

We were both absolutely amazed at how fast and easy the whole royal icing process was. And we actually had fun doing it! Not a single moment of frustration (which is not the case when we work with fondant!) Cookies with royal icing are our new craze! Bye bye fondant and hello royal icing!

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