Monday, September 20, 2010

Butterfly Cupcakes!

A co-worker's daughter turned one this past weekend and she asked us to make some cupcakes for the pink and purple butterfly themed party. They turned out very cute and "girly."

She wanted common cupcake flavors being that there would be little kids at the party so we stuck with the traditional vanilla and chocolate cupcakes. For the frosting we wanted the sugary frosting that kids tend to like. We found a recipe online for the usual powdered sugar, butter, and milk frosting. And holy cow was this frosting good. Every time I walked past the bowl I couldn't help but to make a finger sweep. When Becky asked us to make the cupcakes I went on a quest to find pastry tips to create the large, fluffy swirl of frosting. I ended up ordering some online and absolutely love them! Personally I think it makes them look more professional :)

The butterflies and flowers were made out of marshmallow fondant. We are becoming pros at making this without creating a sticky disaster! For the flowers we got to use a new tool that I had just bought on e-bay! It is a set of flower plungers that come in four different sizes. These are pretty slick and easy to use! For the butterflies we used a cookie cutter that we found at Michael's. We dried the butterflies over the edge of an egg carton to create a slight fold and piped a thin line of frosting down the center to create the body.

When we saw Becky at work on Monday she said everyone loved them and they tasted delicious!! So glad they were a hit!!

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