Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Success and Failure

One of our co-workers has an annual house party and asked us to bake a cake for the event. Woohoo for our first order!! Her and her husband and four of their friends all turn fifty this year and she thought it would be fun and fitting to have a cake to celebrate the big milestone!

Michele and I started the process by baking the cakes on Wednesday. We decided on a two tier cake with the bottom tier being vanilla with oreo filling and the top tier being chocolate with reese's peanut butter cup buttercream filling.

Next came a thin layer of swiss meringue buttercream around both tiers. And then came the fun part. Our first attempt at covering a cake with marshmallow fondant. If that wasn't an experience. My advice, grease every bowl, spatula, and utensil used with crisco or else you will have one big sticky mess.
And finally the fun part... Decorating!! I found a set of cute halloween cookie cutters at Michael's that included a tombstone! Being that this was for a fiftieth birthday it was only fitting to put the names of the six people on tombstones! At least we thought this was pretty clever anyways.

Before stacking the cake, I put five wooden dowels into the bottom tier to support the top tier (at least I thought it would support it.) I put one dowel in the center and then formed a square with the remaining four dowels. I put a thin layer of frosting on the bottom tier and then stacked the top tier.

The top tier was decorated with black polka dots of various sizes. It kind of ended up looking like a mushroom, but I thought it was cute nonetheless.

And here is the finished product....

I was very happy with the finished product!! Especially for this being the "first" for many parts of this process. Then came the true test, traveling 45 minutes with the cake. And it turns out, I failed the test. Sure glad I got a picture of the cake before we left the house because it sure didn't look like this by the time I arrived at the party. Even though it no longer looked pretty, everyone said it tasted delicious! Guess it is time to take a cake class to learn the tricks of stacking a tiered cake. Sure hope we have better luck next time. Definitely frustrating to spend all of that time and then have it ruined in transit.

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