Saturday, September 25, 2010

Whoopie Pies

It is nightly routine for me to sit in bed with my laptop and browse the internet for an hour or two before going to bed. Usually this consists of checking my email, facebook, and then my favorite baking blogs. A few nights ago I stumbled upon a new blog, A Baked Creation! I love when this happens! Ultimately it means new recipes to try!! The hardest part is deciding which recipe I want to try first!

One of the most recent posts on this blog was for classic chocolate whoopie pies. Zach happened to look over at the computer when I was reading this post and his first words were "those look pretty darn good." I decided to be a nice and sweet wife and make them for him the following day. Plus we were going to Stillwater that weekend with my family and I only like making sweets when I know I have someone I can dump them on! Lord knows I can't keep any sweets around this house because I have no self-control and end up eating all of them!

Michele came over and we had a fun afternoon of baking and girl talk! Nothing could be better!

It worked pretty slick to use my cookie scoop! This way all of the cookies would be similar in size and make it easy to sandwich!

And at this point the house smelt utterly amazing! Nothing is better than the smell of chocolate! The cookies turned out wonderfully but I thought they would be a little more fluffy and cake-like. Don't get me wrong though, they tasted very good!

Now for the fun part, putting the filling between the cookies! Being that I was making these as a special treat for Zach I decided to use my cream cheese frosting as the filling. Zach thinks that my cream cheese frosting should be put on every single cupcake that I make.

Michele was a master sandwicher!

Half way through we decided to switch up the filling a little bit. We melted some semi-sweet baker's chocolate and added it to the cream cheese frosting! Personally I liked this filling the best!!

Well I think it is time to buy the whoopie pie cookbook!!

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