Monday, December 13, 2010

Bachelorette Cupcakes

This post is for mature adults only! If you are a youngster or an immature adult, read no further! Okay, just had to say it!

Michele and I are starting to become experts at making bachelorette themed desserts! Maybe I should list this area of expertise in our blog profile. And I am sure our skills will only be improving! Gotta a few more bachelorette parties to look forward to this year!!!

We were asked to make three dozen mini cupcakes and one "large and special" cupcake for the bachelorette! Of course we already knew we were going to top the large cupcake with a penis, that was a given! And we figured what better than a sea of little sperm to surround the penis cupcake.

I know, aren't you impressed!! Kudos to Michele on the penis!!

And for the first time, I get to actually put up a picture of someone enjoying our creations!

Started with a lick

And ended with a bite!

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