Sunday, January 23, 2011

Safari Cupcakes

These cupcakes were for another co-workers baby shower! Beginning to think that there must be a contagious baby bug going around our unit at work. Seems like everyone either just had a baby, will be having a baby, or wants to have a baby.

Her 'lil baby Gavin should enter this world in a little over a week! I'm sure she wouldn't complain though if he came a little early. I just have to share with all of you the fun and creative way that they found out they were having a little boy. At their twenty week ultrasound they had the tech put the sex of the baby in a sealed envelope. First of all, this would be pure torture for me. I would have ripped into that envelope before I even left the doctor's office. But anyways, enough about my hatred for suspense and surprises. They then took the envelope to Queen of Cakes in Edina and asked them to make a cake with the inside of the cake being colored either pink or blue. When they cut into the cake the inside was blue and revealed they were having a BOY!! How cute is that idea?!?!

Alright, onto the cupcakes that we made for the shower!! After much debate on what boyish theme to pick, we settled on safari animals! Lions, tigers, and monkeys! Only to find out that this is also the theme of the baby room! What are the odds of that! Worked out a little too perfectly!

These were fairly easy being that pretty much all of the shapes were cut out with circle cookie cutters. The only tedious part was securing down the many layers! But once again, the end result makes the time well worth it!


  1. Oh! These are too cute! I wish one of my friends would get pregnant so I could do a zoo theme!

  2. Are you kidding me? These are just darling. Wow.

  3. How CUTE! I wish I had someone I could bake these for.....

  4. So adorable!!

    I shared them on my TT&J facebook page and linked to you :)