Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween Cupcakes

This past Saturday was the Second Annual Millard Monster Mash and of course this called for some fun and festive cupcakes! We had a pile of assorted candy and just let the creative juices take over.

"Three Eyed Furry Monster"
This was our first attempt at two-tone frosting! The eyes are dots and the teeth are slivered almonds! He is definitely one of my favorite monsters!

These pumpkins were a little classier than the other cupcakes :) But they were the favorite for the guests that love frosting! Got this idea from "Hello, Cupcake!" A mound of frosting rolled in orange sprinkles and a piece of green apple twizzlers for the stem!

Super cute and easy mummies! Criss-crossed lines using a rose petal tip and M&M eyes!

Bloodshot Eyeball Cupcakes! The center is a flattened dot candy with piped black icing in the middle.

The two one-eyed monsters! The one on the left is a furry little guy that was made with the two-tone frosting and a grass pastry tip. His eye is a peach candy ring with an M&M center. The monster on the right used laffy taffy for the tentacles and milkdud-M&M eye.

I absolutely love these little skeleton guys! A mini marshmallow for the head and #3 pastry tip to pipe on the body.

Three Eyed Alien! The orange is melted candy melts poured over a thin layer of cream cheese frosting. The eyes are flattened dots with shimmery blue gel.

I can't help but to laugh a little when I see this little monster. The back part of his head
was built up using a large marshmallow under the frosting. The eyes are gummy
lifesavers with runts stuck in the holes. And the teeth are slivered almonds!

I already can't wait for halloween next year! But we have a whole year to dream up some more fun monsters!!


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  1. Not only were they horribly adorable, but the moist pumpkin cupcakes were delicious!!! Thanks so much for the fun food! You guys ROCK! Great job! Smiles to ya! Kat