Saturday, November 13, 2010

Race Car Birthday Cake

This is the cake we made for a co-workers son's sixth birthday! He enjoys playing with his hot wheels cars and told his mom he wanted a car themed cake! His main criteria was "no girly colors!" I think we were successful on meeting that criteria!

It is a ten inch yellow cake with our super yummy oreo filling!! For the cake we used the Bakerella recipe for Moist Yellow Cake but made just a few minor changes. The previous times that we baked this cake it was a little dry and didn't have the buttery flavor we were imagining it would. So this time we cut out a half cup of flour and doubled the amount of butter flavoring extract. Definitely glad we made both of these changes!! The end result was so much better!!

Underneath the fondant decorations is a layer of the oh-so-good cream cheese frosting. Thought it would be a good compliment to the oreo filling being that is also cream cheese based.

I absolutely love the checkered border around the bottom of the cake!! It definitely takes the race car theme to a whole new level! We wanted to do a couple checkered flags but figured that would be way to tedious with the itty bitty little squares. So we did it on a bigger scale!! And I think I like it better this way anyways!! The black and white really makes the green, orange, and blue colors pop!

And now for the decorations!! Here is a close up picture of just the fun accessories!

Once again, all of the decorations are made out of marshmallow fondant! Love, love the steering wheel happy birthday sign! A fun little way to tie in the race care theme once again! The race cars were based off of a tutorial we found on Cake Journal. They ended up being super easy to make! And the stripes, lightening bolts, and sixes made them even cuter! Funny how minor little additions can add so much!

Now just to wait and hear what little Brayden's reaction was to the cake!!

Another Sweet Escape!


  1. Well Ladies the verdict is in.......Brayden thought his cake was the COOLEST cake he ever had and so did our guests!! Brayden likes cake but not as much as his sisters and can I just tell you by the time we got home he was begging for another piece! The oreo filling did it, he just loved it and so did the rest of us!! It was VERY delicious!! Thank you ladies so much for this awesome creation! You are quite talented! Aubree is already thinking of ideas for her 9th birthday coming in February!! Thanks again!! You guys ROCK!! :) The Terris Family

  2. It looks wonderful. I am quickly learning that I should stick with cooking - but not baking. So, I am so jealous of girls like you who can pull this off! Very impressive.