Monday, October 25, 2010

Cookies and Cream Cupcakes

Over the past few months I have made lists upon lists of flavors and combinations I want to someday try. I have checked out many cookbooks from the library, bookmarked way too many recipes online, and have torn out numerous recipes from magazines. Needless to say, I have recipes everywhere.

One of the flavors that has been at the top of the many lists I have laying around and I have been dying to try is cookies and cream! The perfect opportunity presented itself this past week when we had some of the oreo cream cheese filling leftover from the pirate cake. I just had to do something with it since it is way too good to dump down the garbage disposal.

I wanted a recipe that had half of an oreo cookie on the bottom as a little extra surprise. And I happened to stumble upon one during one of the sleepless nights that I couldn't stop looking at baking blogs.

So hard to resist the temptation of siting down with a spoon and this bowl in my lap! But don't let me fool you, of course I had a taste of the batter and dang was it tasty!

Another successful recipe where the cupcakes rose nicely! Finished these off by using my pastry bag fitted with a star tip and placing a nice fancy little dollop of the oreo cream cheese frosting. They looked so cute!

And the final verdict from the taste testers: Of course everyone loved the frosting, which we already knew was an amazing recipe! The cupcake part was good, but definitely not a five-star recipe. Seemed a little dry to me. If I were to make them again I would probably just add less flour.

Until we meet again for our next sweet escape!

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  1. The Oreo on the bottom really was a surprise! They were delicious!