Thursday, October 21, 2010

Variety Pack!

One of our co-workers was hosting a baby shower and asked us to make a little variety of cupcakes for the party!

We chose to do pumpkin with a spiced cream cheese, banana chocolate chip dipped in chocolate ganache, and chocolate with a raspberry filling and chocolate cool whip topping.

Pumpkin was a must given the time of year. And this is one of the recipes we just can't get enough of! In fact, this recipe has been filed in the "Sweet Escape G0-To Folder." Michele gave a little twist to the cream cheese frosting by adding some spices! Very, very yummy!!!

The banana chocolate chip cupcake had very good flavor, but was pretty much banana bread in a cupcake liner. More of a bread texture than cupcake. The chocolate ganache worked well on these cupcakes being that they domed up nicely! We are definitely ganache lovers! Makes every thing look so pretty with its smooth and shiny finish!

Chocolate and raspberry is one of my absolute favorite combinations! And we finally found a chocolate cupcake recipe that isn't dry and will rise nicely!! Woohoo!! The chocolate cool whip was a nice light topping for a cupcake that already was bursting with flavor.

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