Sunday, October 24, 2010

Pirate Cake! Argh

This cake may just be our proudest Sweet Escape finished project to date! When we were done we both pretty much just stood there and smiled at it. Hard to believe that we created it! And especially since we have never even taken any sort of baking or cake class! A little trial and error has been our preferred method of learning so far!

The cake was a layered eight inch yellow cake with oreo cream cheese filling. Both recipes that we have previously used. Kind of nice finally having recipes that we know will produce good results! This way we don't have to stress so much about the actual cake and can spend more time having fun with the decorations!

Okay, so on to the fun part! The amazing decorations! Before starting the project we googled images of "pirate cakes" to get the creative juices flowing. We got inspiration from one of the cakes that had a treasure map around the sides of the cake. We covered with cake with a marbelized light brown marshmallow fondant. We weren't too concerned about getting the fondant completely smooth because we figured the imperfections would add to the character of an old, worn map.

Michele was the fondant girl for this project. She found a skeleton with cross bones image on the internet and used it as a stencil for the cake topper. She took it to the next step and cut out individual teeth for the little guy. Very good touch! To finish it off she made it look rustic by rubbing on a little black and yellow color around the edges. Here he is...

She then made a few other little trinkets for the cake. A compass and red "X"

Seeing Katrina's face when she picked up the cake made all of the hard work well worth it! This is probably my favorite part of the whole process!

The big test is whether or not the cake makes it to its destination in one piece. It has to travel in a jeep for over two hours. Sure hope we pass the test!

Truly A Sweet Escape,

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  1. You guys ROCK! It made it well over 2 hours in a vehicle....try 10 hours to Michigan over some bumpy road construction in that darn Jeep and over 20 hours in a semi to Texas! And it survived with flying colors! It was darn cute and Ryan was surprised and loved it! Thanks girls! It was sooooo worth it:) And great job again!